How to make a black pete – and keep it alive for years to come

PETA’s Peter Michael Escovedo has revealed how he has been keeping a black puppy for over 25 years, with no luck at all.

The pups have never been fed, vaccinated or even properly housed.

When Peter was a child in the 1950s, he said he would feed a black poodle puppy for a few hours a day, but he had to keep a close eye on it because he could not be sure of what was in its food.

PETA is urging anyone who wants to make their own black pet, or anyone who has a pet to try their luck at pet stores.

Pup toys and toys with a picture of the puppy or black cat are common items on the shelves.

They are not only popular, they are cheap.

Peter said he had never seen a black pup without a name tag or a label saying where it came from.

He was lucky because he would see them all over his neighbourhood.

But even then, Peter’s black poodles were often stolen from him, often from neighbours or from their owners.

Pet stores are not required to take responsibility for what happens to pets, and PETA has urged retailers to do more to keep black pets alive and healthy.

Peter’s puppies are pictured with a black kitten in August 2010.

Peta said: ‘Black pets should be a part of our everyday life.

The Black Pet Supply stores have been an amazing source of hope for generations.

‘If you can’t give them a good home, why should we keep them around?’

Peter, who is now 74 and lives in Surrey, England, was not happy when he started buying toys for his pups.

He said: ”I would only buy the cheapest and most disposable ones, because I could never guarantee they were safe.

‘One day a dog in a cage with a box of toys was left outside my house and I had to leave the house and go and find the dog.’

‘The thought of the black dog outside was terrifying.’

PETA said Peter’s family eventually found him a home and began buying toys from black pet stores in the hope of finding a suitable home for the pups, which were now aged between six months and five years.

However, even with the help of PETA, Peter said that it was very difficult to keep his black pets happy.

He says he was offered toys for $5 each, but they are often not worth the money they cost.

‘I can only speak for myself but my children do not appreciate what they are doing for me and I would never trade them for anything,’ Peter said.

PTA has been collecting donations to buy toys for black pets since 2008, and this year the charity is hoping to raise $50,000 to buy a toy called a “black poodle teddy bear”.

PETA says that most toy companies have changed their packaging to include black pet supplies, and that they do not want black pets in their stores.

But Peta said that some retailers have made a difference by removing toys that are clearly marked as toys for children.

Pita said: “The majority of toy companies are making a difference with their packaging, and are taking a very responsible approach with their black pet toys.

‘Some stores even provide black pumas with toys for free, which is fantastic.’

But retailers need to do a better job of taking responsibility for the quality of their black pups and making sure they are well cared for.’

Peta is not the only black pet owner to be in touch with PETA.

Black pet stores across the UK have been flooded with calls and emails about their black pets.

They have been offered free toys for a limited time, and have also received donations to keep their animals alive.

PPA said: Peta has been in contact with over 500 retailers and is hoping that a few will give black pets a chance.

Pica says that PETA wants to see pet stores put black pets up for adoption.

He added: ‘The more we see black pets around the world, the better it is for all of us.’

 A new website has been launched by PETA which has a list of the retailers that are offering black pet supply.

PFA is encouraging anyone who is interested to visit this new website and see if they can find a black or grey pet store that they can buy from.

It says: ‘We are also encouraging people to take a closer look at their local pet supply stores to see if there is any Black Pet supply store near you.

PPC says it will be launching an app in the coming weeks which will let people find black pet store near them.

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