How to stop craigslist pets

Tulsa, Oklahoma — The homeless are everywhere in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and some of them are pets.

According to the Humane Society of Tulsa, there are an estimated 20,000 homeless animals in the Tulsa area.

Some are dogs, but the most dangerous are cats.

“You just never know what’s out there,” said Kathy Sotillo, a veterinarian with the Tulsa Humane Society.

“I’ve seen a lot of cats and dogs in the shelter and they’re just roaming around,” said Sotilo.

“They’ve had injuries from people, they’ve been injured by the city and they’ve gotten loose and we’ve had cats get into cars,” said the veterinarian.

“We’ve had people come in with cats and we haven’t had any pets in there since we’ve been here.”

The Humane Society has had a couple cats in there recently.

“Some of them have been neutered and they have a healthy litter, and we’re working with the city to get them back to the shelter,” said Dr. Sotillos work with animals.

There are about 15,000 dogs and cats living in Tulsa.

Sotillo said they’re also seeing a resurgence in feral cats, and the homeless are starting to leave them to the city.

“We’ve seen quite a bit of dogs, feral cats in our shelter,” she said.

“People are walking around with them and they may not have a license or be able to be in there.

We’ve had some people come out and pick up some of those animals and leave them in the parking lot and they don’t know that they’re homeless.”

Some homeless cats and dog owners say they’re not aware they’re living with animals, and they just think they’re being a good neighbor.

“The homeless people that live there, they’re very polite to me and they try to keep their dogs on a leash and take their cats out for walks,” said John, who asked that his last name not be used.

“They’re not very social.

They like to do the dishes, but they’re kind of rude.””

I just feel like we’re being selfish and being irresponsible,” said one homeless cat owner.

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