Why do people want to take your pet to a pet store?

A pet store in California recently posted an ad for a “super pet,” with the slogan, “Super pet, pete buttigerg policies.”

The ad says that the “super dog” is a “fantastic breed of dog.”

It also describes a pet “pete” that can be a “great companion for your dog.”

The ad says the pete is “puppy friendly” and “safe for your family.”

The company that runs the ad, Pete Buttigieg Pets in Sacramento, told the Sacramento Bee that it is “not a breed specific store.”

The California Department of Agriculture said it had no comment.

The California Association of Pet Stores told the Bee that the pet store has been running ads for years and has no policies regarding pets.

The association, which has over 6,000 members, said the ad is not representative of its policy, which states that pet owners must be responsible with their pets.

“The dog is a great companion, and all pets are great companions,” said Sharon Buechler, executive director of the California Association.

The Sacramento Bee reached out to Pete-buttigieg for comment but received no response.

The Associated Press reported that the Sacramento dog store also posted an advertisement in July that said, “Pete- Buttigeg Pet Policy is in effect and dogs are NOT welcome in our store.

Dogs must be on a leash, not in a yard, and must have a collar.”

The Sacramento dog-loving blog Dogpatch News said the store’s “Super Pet” ad was a copycat of an ad that appeared on Craigslist in April.

The Craigslist ad, titled “Super dog, pet e-buttigerg policy,” had a similar headline.

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