How to get rid of the pet craze

An angry cat, a homeless person or a homeless dog could all be signs of a cat that is not welcome at your home.

But according to a new study, cat-owners may be able to keep a cat away for good.

The findings are the latest to point to the effectiveness of “safe zones” and to suggest that the pet industry may be out to save money.

The study looked at whether there was any evidence that cat-people were happier in a “safe zone” than in a non-safe zone.

“It’s not that people are less happy in safe zones, it’s that cats are happier in safe zone than in non-shelter areas,” says Professor Peter Falk, from the University of New South Wales in Sydney, who led the study.

“We think that cats have the potential to live in a safe zone, because it’s a very safe environment.”

Cats are known to be more sociable than humans, and in a study of 5,000 cats in the US, they were found to be happier and more cooperative when living in “safe” environments.

This is thought to be due to a higher level of social bonding, and possibly to the fact that cats spend a lot of time interacting with their owners, as well as other animals.

Cats are also likely to enjoy socialising and socialising with their human owners, which is why cats often stay in homes for longer than people.

The researchers analysed data from a nationwide database on the health of cats, as part of the Australian Bureau of Statistics’ cat census, and found that cats living in a home with their owner were more likely to be stressed than those in a house with no owners.

Cats living in their owner’s house were also more likely than cats in a stranger’s house to be aggressive.

The authors found that there was no evidence that cats were happier living in the “safe spaces” they were in.

But there was evidence that there were more cats living with their own owners in “shelters”, which was linked to happier cat behaviour.

“The main finding was that there is a positive association between the presence of cats in their own homes and positive changes in behaviour and wellbeing,” says Dr Falk.

“In fact, in many cases, the negative impact of cats living at home was greater than the positive benefit.

So the fact is that cats can live in more than one home and in more environments than people, and we think it’s the cats that are happier when they are there.”

The study, published in the journal Animal Behaviour, was based on the Australian National University cat census.

The scientists analysed data for a range of variables, including the age of cats and the number of cats per household.

They also looked at the social status of cats (domestic cats, feral cats and spayed or neutered cats) and their health.

They looked at how well the cats were doing in their home and how happy they were with it.

Cats were more than twice as likely to live with their family as strangers and more than two times as likely as non-cats to live alone.

The most stressful time for a cat is when its owner has to leave it alone, or when the cat becomes sick or injured.

But the researchers say there may be other factors that contribute to this.

“There may be socialisation benefits that cats may get from having their own household and other benefits that they may get as a result of their owners being present in their environment,” says Falk.

Dr Falk says that cats with healthy and active owners may be more likely, if they are living in an area that is suitable for them, to stay at home.

“If you have a cat who is healthy and socialised, and is doing well in a community, that could also make it more likely that your cat will stay in that home,” he says.

Cats may also benefit from being surrounded by other cats, because they may learn to trust their human owner more.

“That is something that could help keep the cat away from people who might not be very friendly, or who might be very aggressive, or that may be just too big for you,” says Fleur Deville, a veterinary student at the University, who worked on the study with Falk.

The results suggest that cat owners may have the power to keep their cat away.

But it could be that they do not have the same level of confidence in their ability to control the cat, so they might end up having to intervene, says Fleu Deville.

“I would like to see more research to look at the long-term effects of cat ownership on cats,” says Deville “It might also be a case of cats not being allowed to be in a very secure environment.”

The findings may be important for cat lovers and cat owners, because cats can be a bit of a nuisance in many households.

“So a cat might be able get away

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