How to get the best bang for your buck at Peter Stormare’s pet hospital

A patient who had spent most of her life in hospital but was able to find a home in Peter Stormares pet hospital is now in remission.

Peter Stormare, the founder of Pet Rock Hospital in Perth, has decided to move his family to a new home in Sydney, where they can spend more time with their two children.

Mr Stormare said the decision to move was driven by the fact that his family was having a difficult time financially and was not able to afford to move back to Perth.

He said he had been told that the family would be moving out of the house in Sydney and would be staying with his parents in a new house in the inner-city suburb of Parramatta.

“My wife is still in hospital, and we will be living in a hotel,” Mr Stormare told

“We have a two-bedroom apartment in a beautiful suburb of Perth, so I am hopeful we can get the same accommodation that our kids can get in their local community.”

Mr Stormares children, aged five and eight, will be moved from Perth to a house in Parramata, in Sydney’s inner-west.

Mr Staveley, the hospital’s chief executive, said the move was made to meet Mr Stormares family’s medical needs.

“Our medical team is focused on ensuring Peter Stormaris medical needs are met by moving Peter’s family to the Sydney community, as well as ensuring that Peter’s children are able to access a safe and supportive environment,” Mr Staveleys said.

“Peter’s wife and children have been through a lot in the last year, and he is incredibly concerned about their well-being.”

The hospital had recently been given the go-ahead to move a further three patients to the facility, but it was not until now that the move to Parrameta was confirmed.

Mr Thrasher, the president of the NSW Medical Association, said it was important that Peter Stormaras medical needs were met.

“It’s good to have Peter Stormarie back in the community.

I know that his patients are worried about their welfare, and I want them to know that Peter is doing everything in his power to provide them with the best possible care,” Mr Thrashers said.

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