When it comes to the sound of the pet’s bell, the sound is the real deal

Animals can make sounds as loud as humans, and it’s not just for decoration, it’s a way of communicating, according to researchers. 

The team from Imperial College London decided to investigate how loud the animals’ bell sounds were to see if it would lead to a change in their behaviour. 

They used a microphone placed on a sheep’s shoulder to record the sound, and then compared it to the sounds of other animals.

They found that when it comes down to it, the loudest sounds animals make are the sounds they make when they’re making a noise. 

“The loudest animal sounds are those that are the most important, because it’s when you’re making them that you can tell whether they are happy or sad,” Dr Gertie Brown, from Imperial’s Department of Animal Science, said.

“You can actually hear their body language. 

It’s a really good indicator of whether or not they are hungry.”

What they found is that when animals made noise in response to the human sound, they made a more complex sound. 

For example, the animals made a sound similar to that of a sheep making a high pitched “buzzing”.

“That’s a complex sound, so you have to understand what that means to the animal to make it that way,” Dr Brown said.

Dr Brown said that it’s possible to make noise when you don’t have to, by making a sound that is louder than you need. 

She explained:”We have a really powerful system of brain activity called the auditory cortex, which helps us detect sounds and we have a very sophisticated system of ear buds that allows us to make sound.”

So we know that the animals can hear a high pitch tone, but we don’t know if they actually do.

“If you could just make noise, it would be very difficult for the animal, because they have so many sensory systems.” 

The sound of a flock of geese is one of the loud sounds animals have made, but Dr Brown says it’s hard to tell whether it’s because the animal is making a complex noise, or if it’s the sound that the humans made.

“It could be that the animal just knows that it is a human and is making noise to signal that it likes being around us,” she said.

She said that the team wanted to find out if it was possible to have a better understanding of the sound making abilities of animals.

“The next step would be to actually put a recording of a real flock of birds into the lab, and try to get a better idea of what the noise that they make is,” Dr Green said.

“If you were able to make that sound, it could be one of those things where you could have an idea of whether the animal knows that you are there or not.”

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