Hedgehog’s death means more for our pets

By Peter CeteraPublished Nov 04, 2018 04:18:34A hedgehog named Pete was killed at a pet cemetery in Tennessee on Tuesday, a day after he was found hanging in a tree in the back of a van.

Pete, a three-year-old female, was the last of the hedgehogs to be released at the cemetery, according to his mother, Lisa Ceteras.

Peters family had been preparing for the funeral.

He was in a small car, with the driver’s side window open, when he went missing,” Ceteres said in a statement.

Pets are considered pets, but are often kept in smaller, more portable environments, such as vehicles, and can be kept in confined spaces.

The Tennessee Department of Natural Resources says Pete was euthanized by a vet Tuesday afternoon.

He had been living at a Pet Cemetery near the small town of Newville, where the Ceterys live.

He had been kept in a van with a driver, Lisa said.

Petzers family had planned to bring him to a vet in the next couple of days to receive a rabies shot.

The vet is treating him for rabies.

Peter’s owner, Laura Ceterans, said Pete had been staying at the Cottages since his birth, and they had recently been looking for a place to keep him.

He was the only dog at the Cemetery and he would be cared for by his owner and her husband, she said.

The family had tried to get Pete out of the van as early as Thursday, but had been unable to.

He is expected to survive, according the Tennessee Department.

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