What do pets need to be healthy?

Pet care expert Peter Townsend has spoken out about the importance of pet owners being aware of their pets’ health.

Key points:Peter Townsend says pets need more love, attention and affectionPets are very different to people, but they need to know they can trust themPeter Townsends pet care clinic has more than 300 veterinarians in Victoria, and he is proud of their workPets need love, affection and love from their ownersPets must be pet-friendlyPets should not be kept indoors in confined spaces and keep their food and water in plastic binsPets can be pet friendlyPet care expert, who has worked with animals ranging from hamsters to guinea pigs, says they are very similar to people.

“Pets have a very strong sense of self and they’re very much like us in that sense,” he said.

“We’re the same in that we’re kind, nurturing, gentle, friendly animals, and we need to give them love and affection, and they need it from us.”

Mr Townsends clinic is home to more than 250 vets, including a former head of veterinary medicine at St Peter’s Hospital in Melbourne.

He said his clinic was always looking for more staff, and that he was very proud of his work with pets.

“It’s really about providing care for our animals as they live with us, and to give the animals the best possible environment, but also to be loving,” he explained.

“The people who work there are really passionate about this.”

Pets who suffer from allergies, asthma, depression or other issues need more veterinary attentionMr Townsend said some pets had a low threshold for the severity of their allergies.

“They have allergies, and I don’t know that they’re as sensitive as the general population, but if they do have allergies and they are experiencing some of the symptoms of an allergy, they should be given a diagnosis,” he advised.

“If they have the sniffles or the throat or the itching and it goes away, and it gets better, then they should probably be given an allergy test.”

He said he also spoke to many pets about their pets, and was often surprised by the response.

“I see a lot of people who are really happy and very much love their pets and they have a really positive relationship with them and they just love them, they’re just like, ‘I’m just happy, I’m happy, everything is great, I love you’.”

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