How I found a panda named Chloe — and now a furry friend

I got the chance to meet my long-lost panda, Chloe.

She was living with my parents at the time, and I didn’t know much about pandas, so I asked her if she wanted to come see me.

She told me she’d be up in about two days and then we’d get to talking.

And she’s a little bit nervous.

The panda was the only panda I’d ever seen in the wild, so she’s not a wild animal.

But she’s very friendly and playful, and she has an amazing sense of humor.

She loves to play and to play with me.

I love that about her, and we started talking and eventually I decided she’d get along with my father, who’s the mayor of Fresno, California.

But he doesn’t have much experience with panda pups.

I told him that’s not really a problem, and he was really happy for me to do that.

Then I said, “Hey, Chloe, I think you might like to come visit me and my parents.”

She was a little nervous.

So, I went out to get some food and I was sitting outside my house and there was a pandaskin on my front porch.

I looked over and there were two big panda eyes on the outside.

It looked like they were about to come out and then the panda’s head came up and it was really cute.

The little guy came over and sat with Chloe on my porch and he just sat with her and he sat on her shoulders and he started playing with her head and playing with all the other little panda.

And Chloe started to get excited and then I said to her, “Look, this is not good.

Let’s get this stuff out.”

So I put her in my car and we drove to the park and then she was back out with her father and I gave her a little treat.

It was a big treat for her and a big snack for her.

So now she’s going to get a lot more attention and I’m excited to get her out of here and see the world.

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