When Pets Are Like the Kardashians

I was watching the Kardashian reality show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, last night and came across this article about the Pet Shop Boys, who have a reputation for selling exotic pets.

The article talks about how the pet store boys, who are known for their attention to detail, are a source of pride for the owners of exotic pets, but also a source to be wary of.

“The Pet Shop boys are known as the pet shop’s version of the Kardash’ celebrity, and the owners often take their pets to the store to buy their favorite toys and treats,” the article read.

I wanted to know if there were any real pets, as opposed to a pet shop boy who sells them to get attention.

I was curious about the authenticity of these dogs, so I called up the Pet Store Boys and asked if they were real, and what the pet trade is really like.

I had a lot of questions.

Is it possible to buy an exotic pet at the Pet Shops?

What are the rules and regulations?

What do they do to keep their dogs safe?

The answer to the first question was no.

The Pet Shoppers I spoke with said they had never seen anything like this before.

They said the owners, and indeed the store, are really strict about keeping their dogs well-behaved and not letting them loose in public.

A lot of pet stores are like that, and they have been for years.

The owners are so good at maintaining their dogs, they said, they can’t keep them anywhere but the pet shops.

It’s not uncommon for a pet store to have at least one staff member who can handle an exotic dog.

According to the article, the PetShoppers also said that the owners are responsible for keeping their animals safe.

They said the PetShop boys are responsible to keep the animals in a good home.

The owner of the Pet Shack in the article also said she had never heard of anyone stealing an exotic cat.

But the owners said the rules are stricter than the Kardash.

They also said they are strict with their dogs.

They don’t let their dogs out without their owners’ permission, and any time they see a dog that is not in the proper conditions, the owners must call them.

For the pet owner who doesn’t have a pet, or the pet dealer who doesn’s pet, the rules might not be as strict as they appear.

When asked what the owners think about the article about their pets, the owner of a pet dealer said, “Theyre a little scared to talk about it, because it makes me nervous, but theyre not scared of it.”

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