Why are pet cats more dangerous than dogs?

The numbers speak for themselves.

In 2011, an Australian scientist who has studied dog and cat aggression in captivity found that the two are equal.

A recent study, however, suggests that cats are not.

“When I started working with cats, I could feel that the cats were more aggressive, especially when they were in groups,” says veterinarian and animal behaviorist, Lisa Miller.

“I realized that cats have a much bigger brain, a much more complex system, and that they can have this sort of emotional bond with people that dogs don’t have.”

In fact, a recent study of captive cat populations in Australia found that both male and female cats are more likely to have violent behavior toward people, such as biting, scratching, and scratching their cages.

Miller, who has spent the last 15 years working with captive cats, says that she has observed a pattern of cat behavior that can be described as “catlike,” which is a fancy term for the cat’s “cat behavior.”

“The more cats there are, the more aggressive they get,” Miller explains.

“And that is what we call catlike.”

“We’ve got these cats who will attack and destroy people, even if it is their own family members, their own friends, their pets,” Miller says.

“It is just very, very aggressive.”

“When people see a cat like that, they think, ‘Wow, that’s really bad,'” says Miller.

It is not the only cat that Miller has seen that has such an aggressive streak.

“We have seen some really aggressive cats in the wild,” she says.

But, she notes, the aggression doesn’t come from their own cats, but from their human caretakers, which can include other cats, dogs, and even other humans.

“They’re just not getting enough training, or not getting the right care, and the cat is not being given the proper training,” she explains.

The study in Australia looked at data from four different captive cat species: black cats, gray cats, white cats, and orange cats.

Researchers followed the cats for 12 months.

They found that black and gray cats were the most likely to kill people, whereas white cats were far more likely.

This finding is not new, Miller says, and she says that her research shows that black cats have been “an exception to the rule.”

“There are certain populations of black cats that are particularly prone to aggression,” she said.

“These populations have also been studied and shown to be quite aggressive.”

In addition, Miller points out that white cats are even more likely than black cats to kill.

And while it may seem that white, gray, and black cats are all the same breed, it is important to note that the study looked at two different breeds of cats.

“In this study, the black cats were from a different breed of cat,” Miller explained.

“The white cats from another breed, which are very aggressive, but also the orange cats from this other breed of black cat.”

She added that the orange and black dogs are a mix of two different species.

“So, the orange dogs are from a pure white breed, and then the black dogs, which is also a pure black breed.”

“I’ve seen some pretty crazy things happen in these groups, and I’ve also seen some good things,” Miller said.

While this study is based on data collected by Miller and her colleagues, Miller also has found that there is no reliable data about what other people do to their cats, other than the fact that they are responsible for them.

“There is nothing in the literature about the cats and the care they receive or the conditions they are given in captivity,” Miller tells Newsweek.

“Cats are not domesticated animals.

They are wild animals, and we need to be careful with the way we treat them.”

Miller says that people often treat cats like pets, and when they don’t, they often put their cats in a dangerous situation.

“People have been known to get their dogs to chase other dogs around and chase cats, or to hit the cats,” she explained.

But Miller believes that this kind of behavior is not something that humans should ever do to a cat.

“You are not taking your cat out of a safe place.

You are not making it a danger to anyone, you are just helping your cat, and your cat is the most important thing in your life,” Miller told Newsweek.

Miller believes this kind, gentle behavior is a good thing, but she also believes that it’s important to know what is actually happening with your pet.

“If you don’t understand what’s happening to your cat or your cat’s behavior, then you are going to have a hard time taking care of your cat,” she tells Newsweek, adding that it is also important to be sure that your pet is getting the proper care.

“Don’t be scared of your pet,” Miller warns.

“Pet care is something

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