1st time ever to rent a dog from craigslist in Seattle

Craigslist Seattle has been selling dog and cat kennels and shelters in the Seattle area for about two years.

Now the city’s newest offering, the “giga” pet, is a virtual reality experience.

Craigslist Seattle, which launched in Seattle last year, allows people to rent kennel space for a small fee.

People can also rent a room for a couple and up to two cats or dogs.

The kenneling fee is $350.

The kenneled space, where the owner can meet, give him or her time to make a decision and discuss the pet, or have a discussion about what the pet is like, is located in a downtown Seattle neighborhood.

The area is known for being dog-friendly and has an array of dog friendly kennelling options, including in-home care and boarding.

Crafters of the giga pet have a few reasons for being in Seattle, according to the Seattle Times.

“We are excited to see this area thrive in such a fashion,” said David Haggis, who founded the Seattle Pet Rescue.

“We hope to see a number of giga pets being adopted and given a loving home.”

The giga is the latest craze to hit Seattle.

A pet park opened in the neighborhood earlier this year and the city has a number for people to adopt.

Craze for pets is booming in Seattle and other big cities.

It is estimated there are more than 2.5 million dogs and cats in the United States, according the Pet Adoption Association.

The Pet Adoptive Association has reported that there are between 8,500 and 11,500 pet adoption applications in Seattle.

The group says it is a growing industry.

The Seattle Pet Adoptions website says, “We have experienced a surge in adoption this year as more people are choosing to adopt their pets, especially pets from local shelters and rescue groups.”

For a full list of the top pet kennells in Seattle visit craigslistseattle.com.

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