The new Chameleon Pet is ready for the big leagues

The Chameleons are back in the news after their first public outing, and it’s a big one.

The Chamelette, as the species is affectionately known, is the fastest and strongest of all the pet birds.

It’s a feat of endurance that the breed is well suited to.

Its sleek and graceful feathers make it look like a duck.

It’s also the only breed in Australia to have been bred to be the sole breeding female in the breed.

“Chameleon’s are an incredible feathered species,” Dr Peter Jones, of the Wildlife Conservation Society’s Australasian Bird Rescue Program, told ABC News.

“[Their] beautiful colours and elegant design are something you just cannot replicate.”

The new breed of Chamelett is one of two that were created by the Australian Ornithologists’ Association.

Bird rescue group Birds Australia has been trying to get Chameles out of the cage for years, but the new breed has finally been released from its pen.

Chamelettes have the ability to fly and they’re great for exploring new areas, like the Great Barrier Reef.

And while the birds are great at hiding in plain sight, they can also be found perched on trees, in crevices or under rocks, or even on roofs.

They are also highly adaptable, with many species being able to adapt to different habitats, like in the case of the Chameleen, which can adapt to almost any environment.

“They are a very interesting breed, a very intelligent breed, very hardy breed, they’re very adaptable,” Dr Jones said.

He said that the Chames were particularly hardy when it came to the elements.

They can even be found in the hot desert sun, in the dry grasslands and even in the deep blue waters of the Coral Sea.

“The great thing about these Chamelee’s is that they can adapt and they will just go about their lives as if nothing has happened,” he said.

“And the best thing about this is that you don’t need a handler to get them out of their cage.”

And that’s just what they do.

With the new Chames in the cage, Wildlife Conservation has set up a breeding program in order to bring more of them into the Australian wild.

In a bid to make the Chams more popular with the public, Wildlife says the new breeding program will see them offered for sale in Australia for the first time in 20 years.

So far, they’ve only been available in Australia.

But that doesn’t mean that they’ll never make it back.

To see more of the chamelettes, go to: Chase a chamelette on the ABC News website

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