How to be a good Republican leader: 1. Embrace Trump’s style of governing

I love the way Trump talks.

I love how he talks about everything, everything that’s important.

I really enjoy the way he says, “It’s the American way.”

That’s the way that we’re going to be successful.

It’s the only way we’re gonna get out of this mess.

That’s what he said.

He doesn’t need any special treatment from me.

He’s going to do his job.

I have a great relationship with him, so I respect that.

But the way you do it, I think, will be a great asset for your campaign.

I’m really proud of the work that’s been done on the campaign.

We’ve been doing everything we can.

I think we’ve done a lot of great things.

I hope we can get back on track.

But if we don’t, I hope that you can look at the job that I did and say, “That’s the person who I want as president of the United States.”

I’m not gonna try to change the way the country works.

I don’t think I’ve done that.

And I’ll say that about any person that has the ability to get us back on the path to a brighter future.

But you can be a leader and say it, because if you say it loud and clear, people will listen to you.

And the people that are listening to you will respond, and they will do what’s best for the country.

If you’re not a leader, then you’re just not going to get the job done.

And if you’re in the Senate and you’re a senator, you’re going, “OK, what’s the point?

The people who will be listening to me are not going listen to me.

They’re not going see the work I’ve been able to do.”

So, I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished.

I’ve worked hard, but I’ve also made mistakes.

I got it all right, and I’m going to continue to work hard to fix those mistakes.

But I think I’m a good candidate for the Senate.

I do think I have some ability to lead.

And so, I have to say, I want to thank the people who have supported me, and thank all of the people I’ve met.

And we’re working to get it done.

I am grateful for all the work we’ve been putting in, and we are moving forward with the Senate campaign.

But we are still a long way from a government of, by, and for the people.

[APPLAUSE] [APM] So, to all of you who have endorsed me, I love you.

Thank you so much.


[CROSSTALK] You’re welcome.

[BEGIN VIDEO CLIP] BURR: Thank you, Governor.

Thank the people, the people of New Hampshire, thank you, thank the state, thank everyone.

I mean, I was just here in Iowa a couple of days ago, and you’ve been a great partner in our effort to elect more Republicans in the United State Senate.

And, I just want to start by saying that the people in Iowa and New Hampshire and across the country, they deserve better than to see the Senate as a partisan circus.

The Senate is a nonpartisan body, with bipartisan members and no partisanship.

It was built on the principles of bipartisan cooperation.

It reflects the best of America.

It is the first branch of government in our country that has been designed to serve the American people, and that is the American People.

[END VIDEO CLIPPING] [BRIAN KILMEADE] And I just wanted to thank you all for your support.

Thank all of your people.

Thank everybody.

We’re going into New Hampshire tomorrow.

We have a lot to get through.

But, I will tell you this, we’re coming back to New Hampshire because we’ve seen how well we’ve handled this and we’ve gotten a lot done.

[MUSIC: Terence Tharp, “Someday, Maybe,” New Hampshire Sun, 4:53 p.m.]

BURR [ON TAPE]: We’re all gonna need each other, and every time I’ve had to do this, I’ve learned that, “Oh, you’ve got to be the guy to go to Iowa or New Hampshire or South Carolina.

You’ve got, like, no choice.

You’re gonna have to do it.

You gotta go do it.”

We’re not all going to go do the same thing, but we’re all going be working together to make it better.

And that’s what I’m trying to do.

We will work to get New Hampshire done.

We are going to bring more people into the party.

And then we’re also going to make this work in other states.

So, we have a bunch of different states to go, and then we have Iowa and Nevada, and

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