Why did the Canadian government ban dogs on food shelves?

By the time of publication, Petfood Express had not responded to a request for comment from CBC News.

The federal government announced the ban on dogs on its website on Dec. 2, 2016.

In its announcement, the department said the decision was based on health and safety concerns about the risk of rabies and other infectious diseases that dogs pose to the public.

Petfood was one of the first retailers to implement the ban.

Since the ban was announced, more than 700 dogs have been killed by people, and hundreds more have been infected with the coronavirus, the virus that is spreading rapidly in Canada.

In some provinces, including Alberta, British Columbia and Ontario, the number of dogs killed or infected with coronaviruses has reached more than 100 per cent.

In Manitoba, where Petfood has stores, veterinarians have said the numbers have exceeded the provincial limit for the virus.

A spokesperson for Petfood said the company’s stores will continue to keep their dog policy in place.

“It’s a very personal decision for each of our employees, and we believe that having an appropriate policy around dogs on our shelves is an important part of our work.

We continue to be vigilant about keeping our animals safe,” the spokesperson said in an email.

“We will continue, as we have for years, to make our stores a place where our customers feel safe, and that they can trust us to make sure that’s what they want and need.”‘

I’m a dog owner’ Peter Principle, who owns a dog and has two daughters, says he was devastated when the news of the ban came out.

He says he wanted to help Petfood but was also worried about the impact it could have on the people who were going to be eating at his store.

“If this becomes a reality, I think that it will become more of a reality that we are going to see a very large increase in dogs on the shelves and people will be putting their lives in danger for that reason, and also the risk to their pets,” he said.

He also thinks that people will think it’s OK to have dogs on their food shelves.

“I’m really, really, very concerned that we’re going to get an increase in the number, if not a rise in the amount of dogs that are coming into the country.

And I don’t think it will be a good thing,” he says.

Pet Food Express and other Canadian retailers that have implemented bans have been criticized for doing so quickly and not having a plan in place for how to react.

A recent study conducted by the University of Toronto’s School of Public Health found that in a similar scenario, there are no effective measures to prevent the spread of coronaviral disease, such as vaccine development, quarantine and isolation.

The study was based in part on the Canadian case-control study of 1,400 people who had been exposed to the virus in the US.

In that study, researchers found that people in countries with high levels of exposure to the disease did not show any significant change in their risk of becoming infected.

In fact, there was a decline in risk of infection from the highest to lowest levels of risk.

“They’ve done the best they can in a situation where there is a real pandemic.

They’ve got to make the right decision, and they’re not doing that, unfortunately,” said University of Ottawa professor of public health Dr. Elizabeth Dziuba.

In the U.S., the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported in November that coronavirotosis is on the rise in more than 30 states and territories.

The number of coronabiosis cases in the U, Canada, the U: US and Canada has increased by more than 50 per cent since the start of the pandemic in 2014.

In 2016, the global total of confirmed cases reached 2,938, according to the WHO.

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