Why Peters boys will go to the beach when it’s warmer

Pete Townsend has spoken out after his sons visited the popular pet shop boys place. 

Townsend, who was born and raised in England and has three boys, said the boys would go to shops for free if they were hungry.

“We are always on the road, we are always going to go out to the shops.

It is just something we like to do and do it for the money,” Townsend said.”

It’s just an experience.

They are not paid to go shopping, it is their money that is spent and I don’t think they will want to go anywhere else.”

Townsends sons, Tom and Connor, visited Pet Shop Boys in West Auckland to spend Christmas with the boys who live there.

“Tom is from the UK, Connor is from Australia, they have been to Australia and we have been out here a lot of times and it is just fun and it’s a great experience to see them go out,” Townsends eldest son, Peter Townsend, told ABC Radio Auckland.

Townsden said he was glad the boys had come to the shop.

“I am happy to see a little bit of Australian family, and I would have been so proud to see that, I’m very grateful,” Townsden said.

He said his eldest son had not had much time off from work, but the boys were still doing well.

“Connor’s a bit sore and he is not feeling great, but he is still here and doing well,” Townssend said.

“I think they are really excited to come here.”

Townsend’s children, Tom, Tom Jr and Connor have grown up in Australia, where Townsden grew up.

“They are not just going to be here for Christmas, we will go back to Australia,” Townssay told the ABC.

“So they are coming here because it’s going to give them a good Christmas.”

You are not going to see these boys, but they will be there with us for a little while.

“The boys said they would like to return to England as soon as possible.”

There are a lot more people out here, and it would be great to come back to England and have the best holiday we can have,” Connor Townsden told the Radio NZ.

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