How Peter Capaldi and Peter Dinklage were introduced to the world of Doctor Who

Peter Dinkslage and Peter Capaldini were both first introduced to Doctor Who in 1997, with the actor taking over the role of the Ninth Doctor.

However, they were both brought up on BBC2 and, by the end of that year, had grown into two of the most iconic Doctors in history.

As the show went on to become a hit in the UK and the US, they both began to see their careers take off, with Dinkls becoming a regular on the Doctor Who calendar.

The pair met again in 2011 and, like the rest of the cast, the pair continued to have an impact on the show, with both becoming regular regulars in the next three decades.

Here are the three reasons why.


The first ever Time Lord The first time Peter DINKLAGE and Peter CAPALDI met was in 1997 at the BBC2 Christmas special, Peter Dinky Dink’s Christmas Carol, which aired during the BBC’s first ever live TV programme.

While the two were not officially introduced at the time, Peter’s first impression of the Doctor was that of a “super-intelligent alien” rather than the stereotypical alien that Peter had grown up with.

Peter DINKSELAGE: “I was actually quite surprised that he was from another planet and that he came from another world.”

Peter DINOLLA: “There was just something about him, the way he moved, the mannerisms that he spoke, that I was drawn to.”

Both actors were in the same boat: they had both had experience working on other shows in their lives, but the first time they met they were new actors and it was the first chance they had to really learn each other.

Peter took the opportunity to introduce himself and to explain that he had been a Doctor Who fan for many years.

When asked about how the two of them first met, Peter said: “It was actually on the BBC Christmas special.

It was called ‘Peter Dinkles Christmas Carol’ and I was playing the Doctor.

I just sort of said ‘I’m a Doctor and I’m playing the Ninth and I’ll be back in two or three weeks’.” Peter DIGLSELAGE (Peter Dinksler): “I just got on the sofa and went ‘What is it that you do?’

And he just said ‘You know, you’re a Time Lord.'”

Peter DINCKALSELAGE “It just sorted flowed from there.

I was like ‘Oh, this is interesting!'”

Peter DICKLESELAGE The pair had just signed a deal to play the Doctor’s companions, Clara Oswald and Amy Pond.

Peter was thrilled to get to work with a new and improved version of himself and, after two days of rehearsals, he told his co-stars: “This is my favourite Doctor!

This is my best Doctor!

And I can’t wait to see him!”

When the episode aired, Dinkler was immediately introduced to his fans.

Peter said that “everybody who was watching the show that day, they thought it was their favourite Doctor” and “it’s a very special thing to see.

The only thing I can really add to that is, that’s all I have to say.”

Peter continued: “We were very much in the minority, but we all knew we were on the right track and it felt great to be on the same show as the first Doctor.”


The best of both worlds Peter DITKINS: “They’ve been through everything together.

I think the reason they’ve worked together for so long is because they’ve seen everything together.”

Peter and Dinkas both had their own unique personalities, but both also saw themselves as the best of the two.

In an interview with Doctor Who Magazine in 2011, Peter admitted: “In a way, I think that’s what makes me so good.

I’ve been around for so many years and I’ve never been in a situation where I’ve got to pick and choose.

I can be really good and I can get to the end and I have the best bits and I don’t have to worry about the next best bits.

That’s the way I see it.

If you’ve got the best parts of a character, they are yours, not mine.”

Dinkals and Capaldi are both also both known for their chemistry.

I’m not quite sure what they got from each other.” “

I think Peter had a very similar style to me.

I’m not quite sure what they got from each other.”

Peter was also a fan of Doctor Time Lords, a title which was not given to any of the other Time Lords until their first appearance on Doctor Strange.

Dinkal told BBC News: “The Doctor was like,

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