Who’s who in the Russian spy ring?

Putin’s security service, the FSB, is also alleged to have been behind the hacking attacks on the DNC, which killed nearly 3,000 people and led to the resignation of the president.

A former FSB official, Sergei Mikhailov, told BuzzFeed News that the FSU was behind the attack on the Democratic National Committee, which he described as a deliberate act of cyberwarfare.

“It was not just an attempt to damage the DNC or to cause political damage,” he said.

“They were going after a lot of people in a very serious way.”

Russian intelligence operatives, meanwhile, have been blamed for leaking sensitive documents to the press and the US Congress about the Russian hacking of the Democratic party, according to BuzzFeed News.

“The fact that the Russian Federation is a state actor is of great concern, particularly given its long history of aggression and interference in the affairs of other states,” said James Clapper, the director of national intelligence.

“Russian cyber-interference in the 2016 election was intended to affect the outcome of the election, and that includes the election of President Donald Trump.”

But while the Russian government’s interference has caused some serious damage to the US political system, it’s hard to know how much damage the US intelligence community’s assessment of the hacking is actually worth.

The US intelligence agencies have previously accused the Russian military of attempting to influence the US election with the help of the Kremlin.

In 2016, the Russian Ministry of Defense published a report claiming that the US was attempting to undermine the Russian leadership and undermine the United States’ ability to counter Moscow’s influence.

“We have already seen that US efforts to interfere with Russia’s national security, including through cyber-enabled activities, are continuing and are having a devastating effect on Russian-US relations,” the report read.

“Russia has repeatedly denied any involvement in these efforts, and has even accused the United State of conducting covert cyber operations against its territory.”

But according to the report, Russia did not try to undermine Trump, and Russia’s intelligence services were actually trying to harm the US.

“If the US is to maintain its leadership in international affairs, it must not allow the Russian Government to exert undue influence on the outcome and development of international affairs,” the authors wrote.

The report was released to the public after Russia accused the US of trying to interfere in its elections through the use of “a combination of cyber-active measures, disinformation, propaganda and cyber-weapons.”

The report said Russia’s interference in election outcomes was “a clear violation of the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty, the Paris Protocol and the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties,” according to a report by the Washington Post.

The FBI has previously said that Russian intelligence was behind hacks on the Republican National Committee and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, among other targets.

And in 2018, US intelligence officials said they suspected Russia was behind cyberattacks against other US government agencies, including the CIA, the FBI and the National Security Agency.

“There’s a lot to be said for the conclusion that Russian actors are behind the DNC hack, which was a malicious, sophisticated attack designed to compromise the DNC’s systems, steal sensitive information, and steal the emails of Democratic officials,” Michael Morell, the Director of National Intelligence, said in a speech at the Hoover Institution, a Washington think tank, in May 2018.

“In our judgment, that’s the work of the GRU (the Russian military intelligence), not the Russian intelligence services.”

But the intelligence community has also previously said Russia is not the only country trying to influence US politics.

“While it is true that we are dealing with Russia, we are also dealing with several other actors, including China and Iran, and we have a very good sense of the extent of their influence in the world,” Clapper said in 2018.

The CIA has also acknowledged the existence of Russian hacking operations, and in 2018 said Russia was trying to hack US election systems to sway the US vote in Trump’s favor.

The agency has also said Russia has a long history with influencing the US elections, and said the Russian state is likely responsible for hacking groups in the US to “undermine democratic processes and undermine democratic institutions in the United Nations and other institutions.”

“In the past, we’ve seen Russian actors attempt to interfere, in part, to influence American public opinion and political outcomes in other countries, and also to undermine US political systems in the future,” Brennan said in January.

“I think it is clear that these are actors that have an interest in disrupting American democracy in the 21st century.”

But what is Russia’s alleged cyberwar against the US supposed to accomplish?

Russia’s hacking campaign may have targeted Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, but the US government has not found any evidence that the Kremlin actually hacked the Democratic Party or other US institutions.

A cybersecurity expert with ties to the Democratic and Republican parties said the US security community has not yet seen conclusive evidence that Russia was responsible for the hacking of any US political institutions. “Nobody

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