What you need to know about cats in China

The world’s largest cat population is growing rapidly in China, and researchers say cats have found a new home.

In a new study, researchers looked at the demographics of cats in Shanghai and found they were overpopulated, with just under 5 million cats in the city.

The number of cats has skyrocketed in recent years, as people move to the city from the countryside and other cities.

Cats are also more common in areas with low population density, according to the study, published in the journal Animal Behavior and Ecology.

It also found that more than 40 percent of cats had never been neutered, compared to 5 percent in a previous study.

More than half of the cats were housed in small, brightly colored kennels, which researchers found made it harder for them to find their owners.

“It’s a real problem that we’re seeing in China,” study author Dr. Robert K. Johnson said.

“A lot of people are petting cats, but there’s not enough space.

And they’re not being spayed and neutered as quickly as they should be.”

The study also found cats have been living in cramped conditions in kennel rooms.

The kennELS research team found that cats in smaller kenneling areas were often found outside, rather than indoors, in crowded kennells, or were kept in kitty boxes, which had fewer room for movement and limited exercise.

The study was conducted in Shanghai’s Zhengzhou district.

Researchers monitored more than 200 cats for eight weeks and found that nearly half of them had been neutrated and adopted by new owners.

The average age of a cat in China is about eight years old.

According to Johnson, that number may be higher because many of the newly adopted cats were older than the average age.

“There’s a lot of cats, especially older cats, who have had a lot to live through in terms of the adoption process,” Johnson said, “and they need a lot more time to acclimate.”

The researchers also found many of those cats were not getting the help they need to live independently.

Johnson pointed out that many of them were still in kinky cages, which could be dangerous for cats who are exposed to infectious diseases and other risks.

“A lot, if not all, of the older cats in these kennelling kennell systems are going to be in very small spaces,” he said.

The number of abandoned cats is also on the rise.

The researchers found that just under a third of cats who were found abandoned were spayed or neutered.

The other half of those abandoned cats were living in cages that contained less space than they should have, and had less exercise, the researchers found.

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