Peters’ mother says the dog saved her son’s life

St. Peters’ Hospital officials confirmed Wednesday that Peters’ 7-year-old skunk rescue dog, the “Little Man” had successfully saved Peter’s life and that the dog’s owner had been released from the hospital.

The skunk is named after Peters’ beloved pet, St. Peter’s Skunk, a St. Paul native who died in February at the age of 9.

St. Peters Hospital spokeswoman Amanda Coyle said in a statement that the hospital was in “the process of making the necessary arrangements” to transfer Peters to a local shelter, but would not give further details.

Peter Peters, who was born with a birth defect called Spina Bifida and was adopted from a foster home, had a history of complications in his spine.

He also had spina bifida syndrome, a congenital spinal deformity that often leads to long-term disability.

He was also diagnosed with diabetes and hyperlipidemia.

Stories about Peters’ recovery from his spinal deformities have circulated widely on social media.

Peters has said that he was able to walk again in November after receiving surgery.

He has also said that while his life has been affected, he is a hero to the community.

“I am very thankful that this dog is with me and I have an amazing family that will love and support me,” Peters said in January.

The news comes days after Peters had surgery to remove two bone chips from his spine, which were found during a routine spinal exam.

Pet skunk rescuers and the St. Pete Police Department responded to the home Wednesday and began cleaning up the dog.

The hospital has also sent out the dog to a veterinarian to be checked for infection, Coyle told NBC station WCCO.

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