When the first snow came, the best Christmas story was told on TV

It’s a Christmas tradition.

That’s what Peter Popoff and his wife, Stacy, did on December 25, 1975, when they got a call from their daughter, Stephanie, who was in the middle of a holiday shopping spree.

The Popoff family was headed to the mall in nearby Portland, Oregon, for a Christmas party.

And Stephanie’s mother, Margaret, was on her way home from work when she received the call.

Popoff said his wife told her, “Mommy, it’s Peter.

He wants to buy some presents for us.”

Stephanie told her mother she was excited to be there.

But she was also nervous.

Popoffs son, Paul, had been in the hospital, and Stephanie’s husband Paul was a patient at the hospital.

Popons wife told them, “Paul, it might be a good idea to keep you home for a little while.”

Stephanie Popoff went back to work and was in Portland for the holidays.

But her mother Margaret was not at work.

Pop Offs son Paul had suffered a spinal injury when he fell while on a scooter and broke his leg in the fall.

And Popoff was left with no choice but to fly back to New York to try and get help.

“Paul and I have two children.

We have a wife, two children, two grandchildren, three great-grandchildren, four great-great-grandkids, and one great-aunt,” Popoff told CBS News in a 2005 interview.

And he said, “It’s a tough time, and it’s just not going to go away.

It’s just going to be one more thing that we have to deal with.”

Paul Popoff had already spent the previous few years in a wheelchair, and had lost much of his mobility.

The family had to move to an apartment on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.

Popo’s mother had a house in Brooklyn and Popoff’s father had a home in Brooklyn.

Paul had been diagnosed with a spinal cord injury.

Paul was in a hospital for two weeks, while Stephanie was at home in New York.

They both had to spend most of Christmas in the intensive care unit at Bellevue Hospital.

Popowys youngest son, Matthew, was in New Orleans on Christmas Eve, when he was hit by a car.

He had a severe spinal cord fracture, which meant he was in constant pain and required a constant supply of oxygen.

“It was a scary time for me,” Pop Off said.

“And for Paul, it was a hard time.”

Popoff, Popoffs oldest son, and his brother, Peter, all worked on Christmas.

But their daughter-in-law Stacy Popoff decided to stay home for the holiday.

“We had no choice.

We had to,” Stacy Popo said.

She had just returned from a family vacation in Canada and had been feeling a bit down.

But Popoff says his wife encouraged her to stay at home.

“She told me, ‘Peter, it could be the best holiday ever.

The best Christmas in my life,'” Popoff recalled.

“That’s when we decided to do it.

And that’s what we did.”

But Stacy Popoffs life was not as easy as it was on Christmas night.

Stacy and her husband Peter were in the emergency room when the snow fell on New York City.

Peter had suffered from multiple sclerosis, which caused his legs to buckle and he lost his ability to walk.

Stacy suffered from a severe case of pneumonia, which left her unable to care for her sick son, Peter Jr., who had cerebral palsy.

Peter Jr. was paralyzed from the neck down and Peter had to wear a ventilator, which required a feeding tube.

“I was a mess.

It was just horrible,” Peter said.

Peter Popoffs medical bills totaled more than $1,000.

The hospital bills were also significant.

Peter was told he would have to wait until the next winter to see a doctor, while Stacy was told she would have a hard enough time to pay for her own medical bills.

Stacy Pop Off and her brother Paul Popoffs daughter- in-law, Stacy Pop off, pictured in 1975.

They had a difficult time trying to pay the bills for the three children they had with them, but Pop Off says he did it anyway.

“My son Paul, he would do anything for a present.

He would be the most selfish person I ever met,” PopOff said.

The children’s mother Stacy, who had been living in Canada, was able to pay most of the bills on behalf of Peter Pop Off.

Stacy was so proud of her husband that she kept the bills to herself.

PopOff says his mother said, ‘It was the best of times, it wasn’t the worst of times.

We got to spend the holidays together, and we have no regrets.’

“Peter was able get through Christmas in a lot of pain, but

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