How to fix a dog’s nose

Peter Beard is the owner of the internet’s favourite pet dog.

The 30-year-old Australian man has created an entire community of people around his pet, and has even written a book on how to fix the canine’s nose.

“It’s one of the biggest misconceptions in the world that dogs can’t have noses,” Mr Beard said.

I love to see them grow up, and I love their personalities.” “

I’ve tried to make my dogs look like the best they can be.

I love to see them grow up, and I love their personalities.”

The internet’s pet obsessionThe blog that started it all, Petopia, started life as an attempt to educate the public about the differences between dogs and cats.

Mr Beard said he was inspired to create a website after seeing the videos of dog owners trying to fix their pet’s noses.

“I was inspired by the internet,” he said.

“[The videos] showed people wanting to do something that they couldn’t, and then you see the results.”

Mr Bear says his dogs are just like other pets, and his main goal is to educate people about the difference between pets and people.

“The dog owner is a human, and the dog is a pet,” he told

“What I try to do is show the similarities between dogs, and dogs and humans.”

But he admits his blog has helped spread the message a bit further than it was intended.

In his blog, Mr Beard has called his blog a “media platform” and he has been receiving thousands of hits per day.

“There’s no question that it’s a huge opportunity to get attention, to get media attention,” Mr Bear said.

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