Pet World: Pet Pete Holmes and Peter Gabriel: the truth behind the internet controversy

Peter Gabriel’s new album Petes has been criticised by some for its handling of sexual abuse allegations against the singer, which has been met with a mixed response.

In an interview with ABC Radio Perth, Petes lead singer Pete Holmes claimed he had not spoken to the singer in more than two years, adding that his bandmates had been told to keep quiet about the allegations.

“I think that’s really unfair to all of us.

We’ve been through so much and it’s really hard for us to go through all this stuff, especially for a young band,” Pete said.

Peter Gabriel says he ‘will never let it go’ after the release of his new album, PeteHolmes claims he’s not ‘asking for forgiveness’Peter Gabriel’s bandmates Peter Gabriel and his brother Gabriel had already been given the news when they met the Australian singer at a charity concert last month.

The brothers said the singer had told them he would never let the allegations go.

Gabriel said he had been in touch with the singer since August and had told him to keep his mouth shut.

He said the rumours had been a “f***ing nightmare” and that he would not “have anything to do with this” until he was “free from the f***ing circus” where he was performing.

Petes have been criticised for releasing a track featuring the words ‘Pets are the enemy’The allegations against Petes follow the release last year of a track titled ‘Pests are the Enemy’ that featured the words “pets are enemies”.

Gabber said the lyrics were taken out of context and that they were not meant to be about sexual abuse.

“We weren’t trying to make a big deal out of it.

We didn’t mean it in that way.

We just wanted to say it’s just like any other thing that happens, especially in this day and age,” Petes co-founder and guitarist Matthew Holmes said.

The pair said the words were taken from a song called ‘F*** Cats, F*** Dogs’, which was also released in 2014.

Pets co-lead singer Petes said he would “never let it get to the point where people can take the word of Petes or Peter Gabriel as the truth and try to push it out there and have it be the truth.”

“If that’s the truth then that’s it, we’re done.

That’s it,” he said.”

If it’s the lie then we will never be able to say that, so it’s over.”

Petes release the new album after a year-long hiatusThe singer and his bandmate Peter Gabriel are the latest artists to come under scrutiny for their relationship with underage children, with many alleging they abused or exploited them.

Last month, former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg called for the closure of the controversial pet-focused website Adorama, after the allegations against it were revealed.

Adorama, which advertises on the website of the now defunct US tabloid The Sun, has also been targeted for its relationship with the notorious celebrity paedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

The New York Post said the website’s owners were trying to hide the relationship with Epstein and have been using a “secret, illegal” contract to keep their relationship hidden.

Peter Gabriel and Pete had previously announced plans to record a new album in 2018 but the album has since been postponed.


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