The ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ Hosts a Bigger World for His First ‘Tune in’ Special: ‘Tuck’

A couple of months ago, Tucker Carlson announced that he was bringing on a big new guest to talk about the election.

He invited former U.S. President and ‘Tiger’ host Stephen Colbert to discuss his upcoming show.

Today, it’s time for the two men to get together for a bigger world of politics.

Colbert has a lot of political chops, having hosted a weekly radio show and has been a fixture on Fox News since 2005.

Colbert recently took to Twitter to praise his friend and fellow host.

“Tucker, @StephenColbert and I are joining forces for a much bigger show tonight, ‘TUCKER CARLSON TUNE IN,’ the #TuckerCarlson Tonight,” he wrote.

“We are honored to have you join us.”

This is a big deal for Colbert and the network, as the former “Late Show” host is a popular figure among young viewers.

While the show could be a ratings boon for Colbert’s fledgling political empire, it would likely hurt Colbert’s ratings for the rest of his show.

And, of course, Trump is a major part of the equation, as his administration has been actively trying to interfere in the election and is currently embroiled in a scandal involving his campaign manager, Paul Manafort.

The show is still set to air on June 20, so Colbert’s guest may not be the only one to appear on Tucker Carlson Tonight.

And it’s not like the network is looking to make a big splash with a celebrity appearance on the show.

The network is still planning on airing an interview with actor Matt Damon, who has been accused of sexual assault, after a slew of women came forward last month.

And the network has also signed a deal with actor Will Smith to host a special on the network in 2019.

Colbert is expected to appear in the show as well.

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