Can you pet a pet? | Craigslist

Posted August 03, 2018 08:50:00 The online pet marketplace craigslist has found a way to get a bit of a boost in popularity.

The site is now hosting a pet scavenger hunt that asks users to identify the pet they want to find, and then ask the site’s community to find them.

The search can take place for 30 minutes, and is limited to a pet of any breed.

It will also be open to people who are looking for a specific breed of cat, dog, or other animal.

While this isn’t a new concept, the craigslist-like approach makes it a bit easier to find.

Craigslist founder Craig Newmark told The Verge that he’s been trying to use the site for a while.

He said he wanted to get the pet search experience “a little bit better.”

The site was launched last year and was launched on August 5.

The craigslist site was recently updated to include an option to tag and tag your pet, so it’s easy to find your pet if you need help finding them.

But what’s interesting about the craig hunt is that the search will only work for a single pet.

So if you don’t know the name of your pet you won’t be able to tag it.

This isn’t necessarily a problem for people who have no pets, but Newmark said the hunt has been fun to try out.

The catch is that craigslist is only offering this search to its members, so you’ll need to tag your animal if you want to join.

Newmark pointed out that there is also an option for people looking for pets that are already tagged.

“We are not going to ask you to remove your tag, so we’ll just ask you if you’d like to tag a new pet,” he said.

The pet scavenge has been open to the public since August 5, and Newmark explained that there are two kinds of craigslist members.

Those that tag their pets have the option to choose from four options: pet, kitten, puppy, and bobcat.

Each option costs $15.

This is a great way to find a pet and make it easier for others to tag their furry friends.

In the past, craigslist was not so friendly towards pet tags.

Some of the tags were just a couple of lines of code that were not clearly spelled out.

“You had to know how to spell ‘pig’ or ‘poodle’ to get it to work, and that’s a problem,” Newmark wrote.

Newmarks hope that this new way will help to change that.

“With this, we can have a better user experience, and more people using the site,” he wrote.

“For the first time in a long time, people can tag their own pets, without having to go into the app and fill out a form.”

While craigslist users will have to be registered with the site to participate in the hunt, this could be useful for people without a pet.

New Marks blog post about craigslist’s pet scavengers has been shared on Facebook over 50,000 times.

There’s also an Instagram account that has posted videos of the craigs hunt, and he has also made a blog post with tips on how to find the best pet tag.

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