How to get a high-paying job in Hollywood as a dog trainer

PETE ALONSO and PET FISH will be the next members of the Hollywood Dog Trainers Association, as they begin their second year in the profession.

Pet Fish, who has been training dogs since he was 6 years old, said he was thrilled to be the first new member of the association and look forward to seeing all of the other members grow in the future.PETE ALONSO: I’m extremely happy and excited.

I think it’s great to be here.

PET FITZGERALD: It’s a great group.

PETFISH: I think they are just so nice and welcoming, so I’m looking forward to them being a part of the group.

ALONSO: We’re really excited.

PETGERALDS: We were in our first year together, and it was just so wonderful to be a part.

ALONSOP: We feel like we’re on a really good team, we’re really committed to being a leader, and so we’re excited to be coming back to the Association, because we’ve been in a lot of other places, and this is just really exciting to be part of something that is so positive and so positive for people.FITZ: We really appreciate the support, the support that they’ve given us, and we want to be there for them as long as we possibly can.

I feel like it’s a big deal.

PET GERALD (dog trainer): I’m thrilled to see our new members joining us.

FIT ZGERALDE (dog handler): I’ve worked with these dogs for 20 years.

I love the dogs, I love working with them, and I love being with them.

FERRY: We’ve had a lot more dogs in our office.

We really do like them.

ALONESO: They’re so cute.

FISHER: I love them.

PETE FISH: We are excited to work with the dogs that have come to our office to do their training, and then we’re gonna be here for them.

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