What’s in store for PETE DAVIDSON’S new tattoo business?

PETE DELVICIO/STUFF Peter Ustinovich, CEO of Petechi, which is selling tattoos.

Petechis is selling T-shirts and posters of the artist in an attempt to expand his portfolio.

Pete Davison says he has the tattooing business to himself.

Petecision sells customised tattoos to customers and will be able to sell his designs online.

He says he is looking for a business partner to help him with the logistics.

“I’m not going to be an independent tattoo artist.

I have a clientele of tattoo artists and tattooers,” Mr Davison said.

“So, I’m looking for somebody to help me out and do the tattoo design.”

Mr Davies tattoo has been created by a tattoo artist named Petechius who says he loves to do custom tattoos.

Mr Davio says his tattoo is unique to him, and the tattoo is an homage to his parents.

“It is a tribute to my parents, and I wanted it to be something that I could take pride in,” Mr Davidson said.

The tattoo is a reference to Petechia’s parents, who were both tattoo artists.

Petepier is selling posters and T-shirt prints of the tattoo artist, and is planning to have its tattoo designs available on a website.

Petetes is not just about tattoos, Mr Daviison says.

He is also an artist, making prints and other items for clients.

“If I can sell something, I would rather do it than go to a tattoo parlour,” Mr Davies said.

Petes clients include the Prime Minister, the Governor of NSW, the NSW Premier, and a number of celebrities, including Justin Bieber, John Cena, and Tom Cruise.

Mr Davies says he started his own business two years ago, selling custom tattoos and T. shirts.

“The first tattoo I ever made was on my arm,” Mr Davidson said.

Mr Davidson says he got the idea for the tattoo idea after hearing a story about a man who had been shot and killed in his home, and was trying to get his mother’s tattoo done.

He was contacted by the man’s wife, who asked him to come to the house.

Mr Davids father had the same tattoo on his arm when he was in hospital and his father was so excited to see his tattoo. “

We had the tattoo on the wrist,” Mr Daveson said, laughing.

Mr Davids father had the same tattoo on his arm when he was in hospital and his father was so excited to see his tattoo.

He said he has been looking for something to do with tattoos for a long time, but never had a tattoo until Petechys business.

“My father’s dad’s died and I thought, ‘Well, I should do something to honour him’,” Mr Davson said of his father.

Mr Daves mother had tattooed herself when she was younger, and Mr Davios tattoo is more of a tribute.

“To see somebody else get their tattoo is kind of a kick in the head,” Mr Davis said.

He has tattoos on his neck, on his chest, on the back of his head, and on his arms.

Mr Davis is not the only tattoo artist who is getting tattoo designs for clients, with many of them offering a wide range of tattoos.

“Tattooing is definitely something that has been a part of my life for quite a long period of time, and it’s really hard to do,” Mr Adams said.

T-Shirts and posters have also become a popular tattoo item for customers.

Mr Adams is not only selling customised T- shirts and posters, he is also designing his own designs.

“A lot of people just have an idea, and that’s what I’m doing, it’s not my job,” Mr Evans said.

Customers are not the first to be inspired by Mr Davs tattoos, but the tattoo has become a big seller.

Mr Evans says he sells thousands of custom tattoos a year, and many customers have told him they are attracted to his style of tattooing.

“People are drawn to it because of the tattoos themselves, but also the way he draws them, because they have a lot of pride in what they do,” he said.

It is not Mr Davisons first tattoo, as he had done a large tattoo on a woman in his 20s when she died from a heart attack.

“You can’t even begin to imagine how hard it was for me,” Mr Dawkins said.

But Mr Davie says the tattoo business is not all about the money.

“This business is about giving back to people, and to make people feel good about themselves and their tattoos,” Mr Davies said.

PETE DEVICOS NEW Tattoo artist

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